What We Cover

Sat Insure policies cover your Digibox (Sky), all associated hardware and also offer Unlimited FREE technical support, for policy holders, via Freephone (0800 121 8611). We pride ourselves on offering inexpensive and yet extensive cover so we've detailed below the level of coverage you will receive.

Sky Boxes

Sat Insure covers all brands and models of recordable and non-recordable Sky Digiboxes. Once out of warranty, these could otherwise be very expensive to replace.

As Digibox technology advances it can seem confusing or difficult to set-up, which is where the knowledge of our dedicated phone and on-site teams becomes invaluable.

The Satellite Dish or TV Aerial

Our policies cover your Sky Dish - including connectors, bolts and the Low Noise Blocker (LNB). Replacing this often requires two engineers (to work safely 'at height') and could otherwise be very expensive.

Both Digital Aerials or Antenna specifically designed for digital terrestrial broadcasting reception are also covered, including connectors, bolts and fixings as standard.

The Television (with a TV Systemguard Policy)

All TV brands and models of any size or location are covered with our TV Systemguard policies that deliver great value, especially when combined with your Sky or any other Digibox.

Connecting Leads

Leads can be a nuisance at the best of times so you'll be glad to hear all leads connecting your dish and aerial to your TV are covered by our policies, including Co-axial Cables, F-Connectors and HDMI leads. We even cover your internal aerial plates!

Exterior Cabling

Exterior cables and casing connecting the external dish or aerial are exposed to weather, birds and vermin that can often cause an unexpected loss of reception. This is why you'll find them included in our policies as standard.

The Remotes

Sat Insure offer Free of charge replacements for Sky Remote Controls (Standard or Recordable).

When you consider they can cost £20+ (each) to replace, our policies become even better value for money. We only replace broken down remotes, we will not replace these just for old age, cosmetic damage or flat batteries.

Satellite Input Sockets

In a busy household these can get damaged quite easily without noticing. Our engineers are trained to spot and replace these where necessary as part of your Sat Insure cover.

Qualified Engineers and Labour Costs

Dish damage and misalignment is common and makes up roughly 25% of all problems reported. We have a network of nationwide qualified engineers who are Trading Standards approved to visit you at a convenient time and at no additional cost.

Call Out Charge

Call out fees are well-known to be an unwanted expense, so with Sat Insure there is NEVER ANY call out charge!

Whats Not Included

Breakdowns that are covered under any manufacturer's warranty
Cosmetic Damage
Routine maintenance, cleaning & servicing
Damage or loss of programmes saved on hard drive
Existing faults
For a full list of exclusions please visit our Terms & Conditions by - Clicking Here